HACCP Plan Form - Shellstock Shipper VA SS Firm Name: Product Type: Oysters, clams and mussels Firm Address: Process Method: Washing, grading and packing of shellstock; receiving and storing of shucked
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Okay intermediate path of course modulate control measures the aim of this lecture this module is to explain the delegates the importance of control measures under learning outcomes by the end of this unit delegates will be able to define control measures describe the parameters to which controls can be applied suggest measures which effectively control hazards included genetic control measures okay control measures our actions required to prevent or eliminate a food safety hazard or reduce it to an acceptable level controls can be applied to temperature time pH aw size shape weight additives visual assessment and chemical analysis pH by the way is the acidity alkalinity aw is the water content or moisture content genetic controls use and approved suppliers which is a prerequisite or part of you directory programs here you could get contamination staff vigilance and trained in another prerequisite and you could get contamination multiplication and survival of bacteria or other types of contamination then we got clean in disinfection another prerequisite contamination and survival pest management another prerequisite again will prevent contamination good personal hygiene another prerequisites and again which will prevent contamination and waste management or the prerequisite again preventing contamination so genetic controls another prerequisite to stock rotation first-in first-out which will prevent multiplication add application of bacteria color code in another prerequisite will prevent contamination good design another prerequisite which will prevent contamination effective maintenance again a prerequisite this time preventing contamination multiplication and survival well-constructed kitchen or food premises another prerequisite which will prevent contamination and protect and cover food which will prevent contamination so considering all rather going on with the generic controls segregation we're all ready to eat foods another prerequisite will prevent contamination salt or the use of salt sugar and acid in food will prevent multiplication because they act as ways of making sure a bacteria won't grown food bacteria don't grow in a salt environment or whether there's a lot of sugar or in the Civic environment so prevents them from growing adjusting the pH the alkalinity or acidity note of that multiplication and keep dry so there's no moisture which will again prevent multiplication look at the size weight and shape of a joint some are too big keep it a uniform size will prevent multiplication time management how long is the food in ambient temperature for example which will prevent multiplication storage temperatures of fridges freezers gamble for that multiplication as long as they are under high temperatures and cooking and processing as quickly as possible to prevent the survival cooking process and obviously to the road temple physical contamination controls we've got things like inspection belts which will prevent contamination again...